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JV-1080 beta

This tool lets you convert JV-1080 SYX files into the JV-1080 Cloud plugin BIN format.

Please note that this initial release is not yet perfect - to help with fine tuning conversion behaviour, please check your conversions and report anything that seems less than optimal. Thanks!


JV1080 Notes:


  • Added support for patch banks from Card banks.
  • Fixed incorrect corruption handling and warning for Patch Common length, introduced in 1.03


  • Improved handling for corrupt files or data.


  • Added support for SYX files containing a single patch in the temporary (edit buffer) location.


  • Fixed a matrix modulation source assignment issue. It now defaults to CC01 Modulation as expected for JV-1080 Controller 1 parameters.


  • Initial release - converts JV-1080 patches from SYX files (up to 128 patches per bank) into BIN files for the JV/XV/SRX Cloud plugins.
  • You can choose which "flavour" of plugin file to export, so you can load your converted patches into the JV-1080, the XV-5080, or the SRX plugins accordingly, whichever is most convenient.
  • Currently supports patches using Internal waveforms only in first release.

    (Mapping all Expansion and PCM Card waves into the appropriate waves in the various SRX plugins will be added if there is sufficient interest.)
  • Currently does not support Rhythm patches (does anyone want this anyway?)
  • The plugins do not support the JV-1080's Performance mode so Performances cannot be converted.
  • This is a beta version - conversions can't be considered perfect yet.

    Note: I do not have a JV-1080 to check things like FX algorithms or differing parameter scalings by ear, and the plugins do not support some of the JV-1080's FX algorithms and modulation configurations, so some of the conversion behaviour can likely be improved by user-feedback as you convert your patches. I encourage you to contact me regarding patches you feel aren't converting well, or could be improved, so I can improve the conversions.

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This tool lets you convert D-50 SYX files into the D-50 Roland Cloud plugin BIN format.

It will also convert BIN files back into SYX files, so you can export patches from the plugin back to your D-50/D-550/D-05 hardware.

Note: From version 1.04, the D50 plugin now loads D50 sysex bank files directly.


D50 Change/Update Notes:


  • Checksum behaviour has been improved in some edge cases.
  • Patches using Extended Waves in the plugin that the hardware may not support are highlighted in yellow when converting to SYX.
  • Reverb data is now exported in SYX files for improved compatibility, both in transmission, and also when loading converted files into other Editor software (eg D50 Librarian).
  • Additional Reverb Type data from the standard Roland Card Banks is recognised on SYX import and the correct Reverb Type bank is selected in the converted patch.

Notes on Reverb Types:

The Cloud Plugin does not import custom Reverb Types when importing SYX files - any custom Reverb Types will be ignored and all imported patches that refer to any of the Reverb Types 17-32 will use the default values of those Reverb Types in the plugin (for example Type 17 is "Bright Cave").

The Cloud Plugin does also contain the data for the alternative Reverb Types that came with the various Roland D50 Card Banks, and when you use those banks that come with the plugin, they do change the Reverb Types 17-32 to custom settings for those banks - eg 3 Preset D:3 Soprano Sax has a Reverb Type of "PN-D50-01 Type17". There are five of these Reverb Type banks available in the plugin - the set that comes with the preset bank, and one set each for four other Roland D50 Card banks.

Using this tool, if a SYX file contains reverb data identical to the Roland Reverb Type banks available on their cards, the appropriate Reverb Types will be selected for that imported bank in the plugin. If there is no match, the default set of 17-32 Reverb Types will be used as normal.

This tool will try to export the correct Reverb Type data referenced in the BIN file back to the SYX file - ie if the patches in a bank refer to the preset Reverb Types (1-16), and/or one 17-32 Reverb Type bank only, the correct 17-32 bank will be added to the exported SYX file. However, in the plugin it is possible for each patch to refer to different alternative Reverb Type banks, which is not supported by the hardware.

For example, if you try to convert a BIN file that has patches that use Reverb Type 17 "Bright Cave", and also patches that use "PN-D50-01 Type17", both of those reverb blocks cannot be used in the hardware (at least without rearranging the used Reverb Tpes). In this case, the SYX file will contain the first referenced Reverb Type data, and will warn you that multiple Reverb Types are referenced in the bank.

Possible: Currently we only recognise un-edited Roland Card bank Reverb Type data. It might even be possible to check the individual Reverb Types, so if a SYX file has edited/rearranged/compiled Reverb Types, I could recognise and handle this, but this is getting into fairly uncommon scenarios for the most part...

    paypalThese tools are free to use. If you would like to show appreciation, and support the development and maintenance of these tools, you can make a contribution via PayPal.
All support is greatly appreciated - thank you!

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